A drawing of my lovely god-daughter as a present for her birthday. A4, charcoal


Soviet vase and clementines

The only reason why I would bring a bulky, heavy 30 year old glass vase back from Estonia is to draw it of course. However complicated it may seem, it was fairly easy to block in…and a bit time consuming. Clementines were deviously hard though. Actually, anything you do with coloured pencils takes a long time to finish, but it’s totally worth it. The dark background was blocked in with charcoal, otherwise it would have taken me ages! 

Furry challenge

I can’t remember sharing this picture before. It was drawn (and then redrawn) for one of my work colleagues who decided to present it as a gift for her partner on their anniversary. It is a rather strenuous job to achieve the likeness of an animal (even more so than a person sometimes) with all the fur and the whiskers =)) But it did teach me that a lot can be achieved with just a few pencils. An then again, only the owners can really tell whether it’s their pet or not. Luckily, the cat was recognized and very well received. Meow!!

Venice, Aperol Spritz, and…Ewelina!

This is my first official attempt to paint a portrait in oils. Unfortunately, the guinea pig of this experiment is the love of my life (already too much pressure to do it right). I guess the best lesson I’ve learned from the process is never to have a bad quality iphone photo as a reference on a half-working 10 year old laptop. If I had the photo printed I wouldn’t have had such a hard time. You live and you learn hey? I had quite a few hiccups along the way, the features going out of proportion, lack of resemblance etc. but I did have a lot of fun doing it and I will definitely paint another portrait again.

Shopping for lemons

Finding a perfect lemon isn’t an easy thing these days. These ones had leaves when I purchased them in a local supermarket, which only added to the bonus. On one hand, it’s a silly thing to get excited about, but on the other hand, not every lemon will find it’s spot on the canvas. Anyhow, I chose this picture to kick off my first art blog: a few perfect lemons carefully positioned on a black cloth, a few photos taken, and quite a few hours spent painting them with water mixable oil colours. Please, enjoy the summer freshness!